‘There are many things that sailors do in their work that are excellent practices which are passed on over generations sailor-to-sailor and many good habits to hold close, let alone the attitude and skills needed to face the difficulties that seas brings to them”

Skills Beyond Education™ commenced its operations in 2016 to fulfil its mission of inspiring and empowering young adults and people at large to find their purpose and direction in their lives through its various workshops and training sessions.

Skills Beyond Education™ is a boutique firm using specialized skills, knowledge & expertise drawn from seafaring, armed forces and allied domains which provide a strategic fit to its mission.

Founder & Program Director

Capt. Preetham Madhukar, a “Ship Captain” by profession, master mariner and been sailing for over 20+ years and having been inspired by Anthroposophy thinking on education, nature of humanity and founded this initiative in Jun 2016 to inspire and empower young adults with mentoring techniques & tools unique to seafaring and from his life’s personal journey.

As a sailor who has oft crossed the seas and oceans, globetrotting to quaint places and popular destinations, engaging with multi-national & multi-cultural crew at sea and ashore, exchanging stories & life experiences. He brings his varied life experience of cross-cultural work environment, sea voyages, storms, fire, accidents, pirates, seasickness, whales, volcanoes and more through his uniquely designed workshops, training programs and personal coaching sessions in Inner Strength Program, Decision Making, Mentoring Program, Apprentice Program through camps such as Star-Gazing Camp, Apprentice Camp, Survival Camp and various indoor training sessions among others.