Woodworking, the journey within

Medieval woodworking and carving skills have always held fascination for many people. The hand skills dexterity, visualisation, intricate measurements and planning, observing the big picture of the project developing from working the smaller portions, value of labour & hard work, sense of completion and satisfaction that is commonly associated with hand woodworking skills. This cannot [...]

“I don’t know” – a stereo-typical answer of today’s teenagers and a possible solution in decision making.

In an incident that happened recently, I entered the lift into my apartment and there were 2 kids inside, conversing and apparently seemed to be returning from school (and I also happened to know one of them), the conversation that brewed between them got my attention, where one of the questions of the 6th Grader [...]

Young Souls

Rudolf Steiner says 'Young Souls' hunger for 3 things; First Longing (Imagination): To experience life as life – living immediacy Second Longing (Inspiration): To find meaning in life that transcends conventional goals and routines Third Longing (Intuition): To touch the ultimate ground of being, in themselves, in others and in nature Imagination: The youth hungers [...]