Our Programs

In traditional tight-knit communities, the wisdom passed on to children was to ensure that they maintain good health and safety, and live in harmony with the environment and the rest of society. The wisdom was passed in bundles of guidelines and principles and their survival depended on social solidarity.

Our present-day communities are much more complex. The quest for personal development and explorations with the ‘outside’ world brings with it its own set of ideas and challenges, placing heavier demands and expectations from people. We live in an era of information overload, unlimited options and disposable lifestyles – influences that seem far more appealing than the acquisition of traditional wisdom and knowledge.

Therefore, it makes a great deal of sense that a basic set of practical knowledge and skills be put in place to balance one’s course of living. Skills Beyond Education is committed to this ideal, bolstering a strong component of inner will for each individual through its three main pillars: Apprentice Education Program, Inner Strength Program and Social & Civic Impact Program. All the programs focus to integrate forgotten skills and enrich the individual’s life.

Traditional education had attempted to address a holistic view of an individual’s personality through the informal education system. The formal education system, on the other hand, has prioritized knowledge at the expense of other aspects of one’s personality, believing that an increase in knowledge will automatically lead to positive changes in attitudes and behaviours.

In the last few years, it has become increasingly clear that knowledge alone does not change behaviour. People continue to forfeit their sleep even though they know that the following day is going to be tough; parents continue to allow children excessive use of technology even if they know that it is harmful for their child’s development; essential tasks keep getting postponed even if one knows that it must be done sooner. The pitfalls of such a gap between knowledge and behaviour become apparent only when one faces trouble. Although “trouble” can serve to teach us valuable lessons, why must one go down that route in order to secure a learning?

In this spirit, Skills Beyond Education dedicates its time and efforts to promote a more wholesome and meaningful way of living and learning, empowering not just the youth, but adults of various backgrounds by equipping them with much-needed life skills – be it for health, livelihood, hands-on learning, behavioural skills and so on. 

Our workshops and camps range anywhere from a day to a week, while the extensive programs range from three months to a year. We support teens, adults, schools and corporate organisations to help them develop their own learning platforms. Some of our popular programs are Inner Strength Program, Survival Skills, Risk and Uncertainty, Personal and Occupational Safety and the leading Apprentice Education Program.