“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.” – Rudolf Steiner

Education: To Know How to Learn-Unlearn-Relearn Yourself Everyday

Our wholesome education brings about healing, empowerment and inspiration to the youth and adults. To create a JOY in learning. To appreciate the GIFT of LIFE and Living experiences. To be SELF-GUIDED by your purpose arising from your own inner desire and calling, is the educational culture that we seek to provide to adolescents and adults.

To Lay the foundation of good character, virtues, inspiration, strength and courage paired with various tools and techniques that will help you integrate and contribute your knowledge, skills and talents to the world.

At Skills Beyond Education, we ourselves are constantly growing, evolving and adapting our programs, workshops to the new lifestyle habits and challenges of today. To bring our best knowledge, lessons and insights to help you adapt and thrive in the new world order. To learn to adapt to the socio-culture changes and needs of the day. We also keep an eye for the future on how our programs can positively influence the individual and the community to help them LIVE, Navigate and PROSPER in an 21st CENTURY World.

BUT, the ONE THING, that we haven’t changed is our MISSION. That is to strengthen the WILL: GRIT, COURAGE & CLARITY in people. To help Adolescents and Adults to continuously work on their WILL (Body, Feelings & Thinking) through our workshops, programs and projects. To help people create WINNING HABITS and BREAK-FREE from their Toxic Habits.

COURAGE to be ourselves and to BECOME our TRUE and Authentic Self. To build the Courage to OVERCOME our limiting beliefs and fears. Courage helps us express our true self through words, spoken and written, through art, dance and songs. Courage helps us face uncertainty and to face the tough moments of our lives. It takes Courage to listen as well.

Direction to know where we need to go in life comes from clarity. We can acquire this clarity through mindfulness and with WILL strengthening practices. To have the CLARITY of your choices comes from hindsight and foresight. To have the Courage to follow your path and dreams. To have faith in yourself and the world. To help you make decisions with firmness and clarity.

We only learn what we need to learn,
when we need to learn.

Skills Beyond Education™ is a dedicated team of mentors composed of a diversity of people with different and complementary talents. As a result, strong bonds of friendship, mentorship and community-oriented thinking become the by-products of our learning ventures. Our programs nurture the individual in the realms of their body, feelings and thoughts while ensuring that connections are created with their peers, mentors and community through overlapping values, goals and fellowship.

First, PICK your goals well!
Then dedicate your WILL to the PURSUIT of your goals
without worrying about the outcomes.