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I'm Capt. Preetham Madhukar,

A Former Sea Captain, Author, Stargazer, Mentor & Will Strength Coach Who Started Skills Beyond Education To Bring Innovative, Engaging and Fun Programs and Workshops for Adolescents and Adults.

My mission is to transform people's WILL Strength, Meaning Your Discipline, Courage and Clarity So You Can Succeed in Your Dreams and Goals!

Stargazing Camp : WePlay Club : Apprentice Circle : Will Masterclass : Will Boot Camp : Mentoring : Success Club

The 3 elements 'Laziness, Fear and Doubt' that I call them the 3 Culprits are ever present in our lives and stops us from reaching our full potential and becoming successful in our pursuits.

Over the years, I was fascinated by the concept of WILL and its effect in my life and those around me. I noticed through observations, interviews and experiments that our WILL is the cornerstone for any success. Our WILL affects the 5 primary domains of a person's life.

1. Health
2. Money
             3. Relationships
   4. Lifestyle
  5. Purpose

Today, with an abundance of information, prone to digital addiction and poor lifestyle habits isn't helping us much either. More and more people seemed to be falling prey to the 3 Culprits which showed with mediocrity, lack of commitment, focus and productivity. We also lack of clear goals, purpose and courage to express and follow through on our dreams.

Success club is a program which is a combination of masterclasses, mentoring and boot camp. This is goal focused success program to help you achieve real world success in your chosen area of your life.


More Discipline, More Courage, More Clarity = More Success

Success Club is a Combination of Masterclass + Boot Camp + Coaching + Community Support is for anyone who has a desire to fulfil their dream or goal and wants to succeed in your PURSUIT.

The secret to success is in keeping your word to yourself and to others. To slowly and steadily keep working on yourself. Little by little, day by day to keep moving closer to your goals and pursuits.

Success Strategy = Mindfulness + Practices + Accountability to WIN every time.

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Habit Secrets

Easy Tactics And Strategies To Build And Sustain Your Winning Habits Every Day.



Teen Parenting

Learn To Be a Better Teen Parent. 3 Things You Need Learn Before You Make the Transition.



Will Boot Camp

21 Awesome Tasks to Help You Overcome Your Laziness & Create a Winning Day.


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We all have the power to become the Master of Our Destiny. For that firstly, we must have the clarity of our purpose, secondly, we need have the courage to pursue our dream and lastly we need to build the discipline or grit for relentless pursuit.

The Master of Destiny model that I have created is to help you identify your current point in your life's journey and your solutions to get to the next peak of life, if you desire. To bring meaningful and joy to living each day. 

Capt. Preetham Madhukar




To build the wonder and awe of our universe. To build creativity and Imagination capacities. Build outdoor skills by learning naked eye stargazing techniques.

This is our flagship program to build clarity, inspiration and purpose. A popular & fun program among children and adults.

Ages: 11+ years

Seasonal, OnDemand, Purpose & Clarity Focused, Offline Program.



To beat your 3 Culprits: Laziness, Fear and Doubt. To reset and restart your lifestyle.

To become more focused, productive, persistent. To bring more meaning and joy to each day.

Online boot camps ranging from 21 to 90 days.

Ages 21+ years

Batches Start in Jan, May, Sep.



To succeed and WIN in your pursuit of your dreams and goals. To create and sustain winning habits.

Group or personal coaching and mentoring to help you succeed in your goals. Health, Money, Relationship, Lifestyle, Purpose - Pick any, the path is the same. 

Ages 30+ years

Mentoring sessions enrolments are open from Jun to Dec.


Do You Have A Dream Or A Goal? What's Stopping You From Pursuing It?

Do You Have a Mentor or a Coach to Help You?

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Success Club: From Executives to Entrepreneurs. Anyone Who Is Willing To Pursue A Dream, A Goal, A Mission.

Recognise where you are in the pursuit of life. To understand your current challenges and to get guidance and mentoring on your steps to the next peak. If your interested to know more then, drop us a mail to and we will get back to help you.

Alternately, connect with us using the link below.


Here's How Success Club Works

For anyone who likes to pursue a goal in one of the 5 areas: Health, Money, Relationships, Lifestyle or Purpose. Our mission for next 90 / 180 / 365 days is to help you achieve your goal.

Step #1


We go through a discovery process to get clarity of purpose, meaning and goals. Once identified and mutually agreed. We work out an action plan.

This is the most important step which sets the tone for the rest of the mentoring.

Step #2


We work directly or through domain coaches to get you to your goal. Winning strategies and tactics form the core part of this process. Mentor guided approach.

Will boot camp tasks + specially curated tasks that will help you reach your goal.

Step #3


We create an Accountability and course correction process to ensure you reach your goal. Any aspect of your life that affects the goal is part of the mentoring.

Bottom line: We help you get to your goal.

People Just Like You Who Got Massive Results

Over 1200+ people across the world have seen massive positive changes to their lives through our unique, innovative camps and workshops

"I loved all the boot camp tasks and have been wanting to do some of them for many years and never did any of them. I gave it last priority. I was never this much active in my entire life.

My life has changed and I want to keep this pace and want to grow each day. Thank you so much Captain Preetham and entire team for such support.

I can see that my procrastination has reduced considerably and I'm accomplishing much more than I used to in a day. I see so much difference in just a few days. Thank you again.


Ritu Jain

Therapist & Homemaker

I wanted to share something interesting that happened yesterday. I had no desire to wake up in the morning and was feeling a bit unwell, tired and wanted to stay in bed.

Then I remembered my Gatekeeper task and dragged myself out of bed and told myself that after this task, I will go back to bed. Interestingly, once I finished my task, I felt more energetic and continued with my other work and the day turned out to be energetic and fruitful.

This episode gave me a very interesting insight on developing our will and how it affects everything around us.


Amita Mani Yaganagi

Principal, Banani International School

About Us

Skills Beyond Education™ has a dedicated team championing your success by strengthening your WILL. To help adolescents and adults through real and authentic projects, along with self-directed and mentor-assisted approach.
Skills Beyond Education™ was founded in 2016 and we have grown from being a one-man army to a small team which handles the marketing, sales, operations, HR and accounts. We have a mentor team to help us deliver our coaching and mentoring services to our clients. 
We take pride in being inclusive of ideas, thoughts and cultures. We embrace differences and strive towards forming bonds of friendship and camaraderie as a team. If You like to join our team, drop us a mail to enquiry or send your resume to

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Capt. Preetham Madhukar


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